Canon predstavuje profesionálny referenčný monitor DP-V2411 vhodný pre produkciu v kvalite 4K HDR

BRATISLAVA, 12. septembra 2017 - Spoločnosť Canon predstavuje referenčný dvadsaťštyri palcový monitor DP-V2411 určený pre televízne a filmové produkcie, ktoré vyžadujú projekciu v kvalite 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR). Táto novinka ponúka výnimočnú kvalitu s vysokým jasom a širokým rozsahom farieb. Široké spektrum funkcií a rôznych rozhraní robí z monitora DP-V2411 optimálny nástroj pre televíznych a filmových tvorcov. Podrobné informácie k novému monitoru nájdete v anglickom jazyku nižšie.

Canon DP-V2411

Perfect resolution and high luminance
The DP-V2411 offers a high luminance performance, delivering full screen white of 600 cd/m2, with the ability to increase luminance up to 1,000 cd/m2, using the Boost Contrast mode*. Canon’s original built-in backlight control system is able to correct brightness to ensure a uniform, stable, precise and high-quality image.

Delivering accurate colour reproduction, the DP-V2411 uses a direct matrix backlight LED panel which has been optimised to an IPS liquid crystal display to achieve a much wider colour gamut. The display supports a broad range of standards, including the ITU-R BT.2020 Ultra HD broadcast standard colour gamut, ITU-R BT.709, EBU and SMPTE-C, as well as the DCI-P3 digital cinema standard. The DP-V2411 also supports ACES proxy – the transmission standards of ACES – whose framework for colour management is advocated by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS).

Through its adherence to the latest HDR Electro Optical Transfer Functions (EOTFs), PQ and Hybrid Log Gamma, along with Canon Log 2/3, the DP-V2411 offers accurate image reproduction for HDR production. The DP-V2411 is able to display metadata from Canon’s Cinema EOS camera range and ARRI Camera Systems. Preset LUTs are installed on the DP-V2411 for both Canon Log and ARRI Log C for HDR monitoring. Enhancing the efficiency of production, the camera can simply be connected to the DP-V2411 without the need to add any special LUTs to check the quality of HDR signal.

Advanced interfaces and extensive HDR support functions
Enabling broadcasters and filmmakers to embrace the future, the DP-V2411 comprises a range of advanced 4K HDR interfaces. For a more streamlined and efficient broadcast operation, it is the first Canon display to feature 12G-SDI, which can send 4K 50P signal with a single cable, reducing the amount of equipment. The DP-V2411 also features a HDMI terminal, capable of 4K 50P signal with a single cable for easy connection to cameras or playout systems.

The DP-V2411’s HDR functions support the highest quality for HDR production. A built-in 4K waveform monitor can display scales for PQ and Hybrid Log-Gamma signal, while the HDR False Colour feature also supports both PQ and Hybrid Log-Gamma signal. HDR False Colour shows a different colour, based on the input signal level, on the monitor. In addition to this False Colour function, the DP-V2411 can display HDR image and False Colour image simultaneously in split screen from a single 4K input. The DP-V2411 also provides a HDR and SDR comparison function, which allows images to be compared in split screen on the monitor. This removes the requirement for two monitors for this task, further boosting efficiency in the production process.

Robust and lightweight design
With a compact 24-inch size, a short depth of just 105mm, a weight of just 12kg and a durable aluminum frame – the cost effective DP-V2411 can save space in the studio or track. Further convenience is offered via the DP-V2411’s removable carrying handle. The front body design of the DP-V2411 leverages the same noise-free design as the DP-V2410 so as not to interfere with production work.

The DP-V2411 will be on display at Canon’s stand (Hall 12, stand D60) at the forthcoming IBC event in Amsterdam between 14-19 September.

DP-V2411 key features:

  • 24-inch 4K resolution and ideal high luminance for 4K HDR production
  • Advanced 4K interfaces
  • Extensive 4K HDR shooting assist functions
  • Accurate Image quality and Multi format capability
  • Camera compatibility
  • Robust and lightweight body

* Boost function luminance is typical value (as measured by Canon) when shipped and not guaranteed.