Cinema EOS PL/EF Cinema Lock Lens Mount Replacement

How it works?

Change the lens mount of your Cinema EOS camera to change your compatible lens options.


You can swap the original EF mount for EF with Cinema Lock or PL mount on EOS C700 and C300 Mark II, or vice versa; plus swap the standard EF mount of the EOS C200 with a standard PL mount.

You can send your equipment to a Canon Professional Service Centre, either directly or sent via a local CPS Authorised Service Partner (ASP).


Lens mount replacement options

Model EF Cinema Lock PL
C700 - Yes
C700 PL Yes -
C300 Mark II Yes Yes
C300 Mark II PL Yes -
C200 - Yes
  • Following services for EOS C700, C700 PL, C300 Mark II and C300 Mark II PL are no longer available.
  •  Mount Replacement Service including lens mount
  •  Mount Replacement Service including lens Mount & SHIM Kit

Service variations and pricing guide

The Lens Mount Replacement services can be done in a variety of ways according to your preference.

Lens Mount Replacement Fitting Service

Simple mount fitting service at a fixed rate using a mount supplied by you. Ideal if you already have a PL mount or want to revert the camera back to its original mount from a previous mount change.

Price*: €535,50

This service applies to the following products: EOS C200, EOS C300 Mark II, EOS C300 Mark II PL, EOS C700, EOS C700 PL, EOS C700 GS PL.


Mount Replacement Service including lens Mount & SHIM Kit

Canon can supply and fit your preferred mount and send your camera and original mount back together with a SHIM kit (for correct alignment), so you can change the lens mount yourself in future.

Price*: €1606,50
Applies to the following products: EOS C200


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