Easily control and manage your entire document production process with this intelligent spool management system. An advanced user-friendly client and dashboard lets you manage daily tasks and administer the systems running PRISMAsatellite software.


  • Efficient spooling and scheduling
  • Enjoy increased document production efficiency with automated spooling and scheduling
  • Minimise downtime using automatic redirection
  • Make better use of resources by optimising printer utilisation using parallel and BestChoice Printing
  • Increased productivity
  • Deliver guaranteed sequence printing (postal sorting, cheques sequence, etc.)
  • Reduce errors due to job processing automation
  • Enhance jobs via automatic e-forms insertion
  • Easy scalability
  • Increase scalability with a highly modular application package
  • Extensive support for all printers, not limited to Canon printers
  • Simple management and administration
  • Advanced dashboard provides a single management and reporting facility
  • Effective printer usage via easy-to-use job scheduling
  • Intuitive interfaces reduce learning times


Pozrite sa zblízka na produkt PRISMAsatellite

Efficient scheduling and spooling

PRISMAsatellite provides an incredibly efficient way to spool and schedule jobs within EDP or converged EDP/CRD environments, delivering these benefits:

Greatly enhanced productivity - thanks to optimised and automated document production scheduling combined with powerful load balancing. With BestChoice Printing, it's possible to automatically choose the best device to deliver multiple sets of the same document in the fastest time. Processing can also be controlled by timing-out or suspending jobs where the executing time has lapsed, preventing systems from stalling.

Excellent flexibility - paper-based and digital output is also supported via separate queues, making this an ideal solution for managing multi-channel communications.

Rapid agility - intelligent processing recognises document types and prioritises them according to a defined set of conditions. Schedules can be dynamically altered at any time to keep up with business needs. Data can also be collected during the day for overnight production, making best use of resources, while regular jobs can also be stored on the system for future production runs.
Extensive printer support - all printers can be added, not limited to Canon printers.

Intuitive operator control

Administration and management of the PRISMAsatellite system has been upgraded with a new, advanced dashboard that complements the existing console.

The dashboard - provides a central point of administration as well as a new application to monitor your printer landscape. Use the dashboard to add printers to be monitored, adapt the list of applications and plugins allowed and configure users. It delivers up-to-the-minute management information such as global status, consumer status, monthly output figures and peak use times for cost tracking.

The console - which communicates with the PRI

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