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Intelligent Imaging for Life

Intelligent Imaging for Life will make your home a more inspiring place using your favourite photos and videos.

Using revolutionary technologies and cloud solutions, this system will organise and save your photos, letting you access and share memories in a more immersive and intuitive way. As soon as you walk in your door, Intelligent Imaging for Life will automatically download pictures from your Canon camera, upload them to the cloud and display them on a chosen wall. It can then tag photos based on who's in the picture, where and when it was taken and also what objects are in it. Intelligent Imaging for Life uses this metadata to create bespoke displays to inspire and enrich your family's life, projecting images of the beach during hot weather, previous party pics on someone's birthday or your favourite group shots of people who are coming round for dinner.

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You can easily add your own tags to the images using an interactive table, as well as associating photos to items from around the home. Simply place a 3D object on the table and link the chosen images to it, then whenever that item is placed near the system those photos will appear. Designed to take your photos out of storage and display them in the home, this intelligent imaging allows you to organise, review and create collections that can easily be shared via the cloud or enjoyed in the home. You can also use the technology to create framed prints, using the table to resize, crop and print photos to the exact size.

The technologies and their specifications on this page are concepts and cannot be purchased today. Details on their future availability and final specifications are not currently available.

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