4311 fullfold series

4311 fullfold series

Get professionally folded drawings - fast and effortlessly - with the Océ 4311 fullfold system. It can be fully integrated with your printer to produce neatly folded, wide format color and black & white prints and copies, ready to use. Print jobs run unattended for higher productivity and faster turnaround.
This system uses proven folding technology based on a high precision blade and a set of rollers designed for medium and high print volumes. It produces exactingly folded copies and drawings that are accurate down to the millimeter in consistent high quality. A reinforcement strip (optional) can be attached to the folded plots before they are delivered in small packages on a belt.

The optional extended belt unit increases stacking capacity to 150 folded A0 drawings to support unattended operation and maximizes productivity. Using the automatic media selection from Océ wide format systems and an optional rotation unit, complete folded sets from A4 to A0 can be delivered without manual intervention. Long plots of up to 6 meters (236") can be folded and unfolded plots can be manually fed into the folder as well.


  • Automatic folded packages for easy distribution and archiving
  • Organized workspace
  • Folding of long plots (fanfold: 6 meters (236") / fullfold: 2.5 meters (98"))
  • Small footprint
  • Feed table to fold unfolded documents manually
  • Optional reinforcement unit
  • Optional extended belt unit (for up to 150 DIN A0 prints)
  • Affordable solution with high RoI


Pozrite sa zblízka na produkt 4311 fullfold series

Easy to use A1 folder / A0 folder

By choosing between 8 different folding programs you can react on individual needs. A clear design and easy to use user interface of the folder makes the selection convenient. The output formats are in accordance to all major standards such as DIN 824, AFNOR and US sizes.
The Océ 4311 fullfold series is perfectly suited for medium print quantities as well as for special requirements such as long plots up to 6 meters. Use the opportunity to create a convenient workflow with your Océ ColorWave 650, Océ ColorWave 550, Océ TCS500, Océ PlotWave 350 and Océ ColorWave 300.

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